Best Open PC Cases in 2021 Reviewed

If your work is related to a PC and you use the machine all day long, it will become hot. You can feel the temperature by touching the case. It mostly happens because air can’t circulate inside a closed PC case. You can solve this problem by attaching an open PC case.

Different types of open PC cases are now available in the market. But finding the best open PC cases could be difficult. So many features and categories would puzzle you. To sort out the issue, the only thing you could do is research. For your convenience, we have done that research and chosen the best computer cases for open air.

Why Should You Use an Open PC Case?

As I mentioned earlier, in some conditions, we use the PC for a longer time, and that causes extra hit. Especially for gamers, it is always better to use an open case. Air can easily circulate inside such cases, and the whole system remains cool. Though you may consider more cooling fans, open air is better when you want to keep the hardware safe.

Top 5 Best Gaming Pc Cases 2021

After considering the durability, features, and price, we have chosen the following open cases for PC. Check the individual reviews and finalize the right item.

#1. Cooler Master MasterBox Q300L TUF Case

If you are looking for the best affordable PC case that keeps the hardware cool, check this Cooler Master case. It comes with an adjustable I/O setting. For gaming, this case will perform superbly. Whether you want to install the PC in the vertical or horizontal position, you can do that with this case.

The side panels come in a visible design so that you can add RGB lights and get amazing color effects. It allows for flexible installation. The I/O panel is suitable to add in 6 different positions. So, you won’t have to limit yourself.

The main material of the case is acrylic. This material is known for its durability. Also, you can remove the front panel to pass air and keep the whole system cool.

  • Better thermal performance
  • Edge to edge transparent side panels
  • Magnetic dust filter to keep inside clean
  • Versatile installation
  • The attached fan is a bit cheap

#2. Thermaltake Versa N24 Black ATX Mid Tower Gaming Computer Case

Want to ensure natural airflow inside the PC case? Then check this Thermaltake Versa PC case. It is one of the best gaming pc cases within a tight budget. Inside the case, there is enough room to attach all the essential parts.

You will like the front panel that comes in an aesthetic look. Its front panel is designed to show LED lights. Adding multiple fans in the case won’t be an issue. Moreover, it ensures enough ventilation. If you want, you can easily expand the cooling capacity. Open the side panel anything you wish to keep the system open.

The case is highly durable with top-grade materials. The power cable management is really easy, and there is a dust screen below the PSU.

  • Concealed hard drive bay
  • Enough room to add water cooling
  • Well ventilation for cooling
  • See-through side panels
  • Too many spots for fans

#3. Thermaltake Tower 900 Black Edition Tempered Glass Computer Chassis

Planning to build your dream PC with a high budget? Then it requires a good PC chassis, and this Thermaltake Tower 900 would be the best one. Its super tower design will amaze you for sure. You can add all modern motherboards inside this PC case.

This tower-style PC case comes with enough space inside. It allows installing multiple GPUs without any issues. If you are thinking of a water cooling system, this will be a perfect fit. You may also consider the dual-loop liquid cooling system.

It is made of 5-millimeter-thick tempered glass for extreme durability. The see-through design looks amazing when you are using RGB lights.

  • Suits for high-end gaming PC
  • Enough space inside to multiple GPU
  • Supports liquid cooling system
  • Easy to expand for high-end motherboards
  • It is pricey

#4. Thermaltake Level 20 MT Mid Tower Gaming Computer Case

If you are looking for the best open PC case within the mid-range pricing, check this item from Thermaltake. Whether you are building a gaming PC or a workstation PC, it fits perfectly. However, we highly recommend this PC case for gamers.

The case comes with built-in RGB lights, and you will get a wide range of color outputs from these lights. It features a dual-mode 5V ARGB switchboard. It allows controlling the lights. With a clear view, during gaming, you can observe the PC.

The case is dustproof and comes with a built-in PSU cover. No matter what kind of hardware you are going to assemble, this PC case will support it. Its handy I/O ports allow connecting a variety of input and output devices.

  • 27 different colors modes with RGB
  • Comes with a PSU cover
  • Supports large hardware without issues
  • It can accommodate multiple fans
  • It uses only the 3.0 header for USB

#5. Cougar CONQUER ATX Gaming Case

It is the best one on our list and compared to other PC cases, it is expensive. But if you are going to build an expensive gaming PC, use this open-frame concept PC case. With topnotch materials and military style, it suits all kinds of PCs.

The main structure comes with aluminum framing, and the side panel has tempered glass construction. The side panel allows you to see inside the PC. You can conveniently remove the side panel for better air circulation.

There is ample area inside the case, and it allows for expansion. For example, it allows adding high-end graphics cards. With its extreme cooling performance, it remains cool all the time. There are no issues even if you are a hardcore gamer.

  • Aluminum alloy body for durability
  • Plenty of space to add hardware
  • Super cooling technology
  • Easy to open glass tempered side panel
  • Assembling with this case is a bit tough

Final Words

From this list of best open pc cases, pick the one that matches your budget. You don’t have to be worried about features and performance. Before selecting the products, we have considered all the facts. So, pick the best airflow pc cases from here and build your dream PC.


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