Best Cheap Dresser Sets 2020 Reviews

If you have a habit of throwing dresses here and there, a dresser could make you an organized person. It is not always essential to spend tons of money to have the best dresser. Here we are going to introduce you to the best cheap dresser sets of 2020.

We have made a list of top products based on the users’ needs. We have checked different forums to know what people actually want in a dresser set and made our list accordingly. So, you can expect to have the best deal within your budget.

Why Use a Dresser Set?

A dresser set used to come with an ample storage area in it. It is used to be compact and fits into the bedroom. Keeping all the clothes organized becomes easy with the right dresser set. Multiple drawers allow users to keep things separate. For instance, you can keep the clothes that you use daily in one compartment and the rest of the clothes in other compartments.

Top 5 Modern Dresser Sets Reviews

Before finalizing the following dresser sets, we considered the price, features, and durability. Each product was picked only when it passed our criteria.

#1.  Zober 5 Shelf Hanging Closet Organizer Space Saver


This is a very basic dresser which best suits small apartments and dorms. This item features 5 shelves where you can store and organize all your clothes. The shelves come with mesh design and each shelf can hold enough weight.

This is a hanging closet that you can install anywhere in the room. Besides your clothes, you can also store socks, slippers, jewelry, and more items.

You will get 2 stainless steel hanging hooks with this organizer. It is durable and can hold enough weight. The hanging shelves are connected with a durable frame to ensure stability.

It features mesh pockets beside the main shelves where you can store some small things such as socks, skippers, etc.

  • Metal frame construction for durability
  • Ideal for small apartments
  • Hanging style to move anywhere when needed
  • Additional mesh pockets
  • All the shelves are open and dust can easily reach

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#2. iDesign 3-Drawer Plastic Vanity Organizer


This is a super-compact item that easily accommodates any narrow space. Sometimes you may need an additional storage area for other essentials rather than clothes. iDesign brought this organizer for those small things.

It is a free-standing storage vanity organizer with three drawers. Small daily essential things like makeup, craft supplies, jewelry, etc. will easily fit the organizer.

To keep the price affordable, durable plastic is used in construction instead of wood. However, the plastic is durable enough to take a heavy load.

You will like the smooth finishing of this item which perfectly syncs to any bedroom decoration.

  • Heavy-duty plastic construction
  • Fits to any narrow space
  • Stylish chrome knob looks elegant
  • Three drawers to keep things organized
  • Free-standing design with stability
  • Not a good one to store clothes

#3. Lifewit Large Capacity Clothes Storage Bag Organizer


If you do have a rack for clothes at home but that doesn’t have cover, this Life with clothes storage bag organizer is suitable for you. Using your existing rack, you can keep everything organized and safe from dust and debris.

This product includes 3 packs of organizer bags to provide ample area for storage. Each of them is made of high-quality non-woven fabric and PVC. The thick fabric construction ensures heavy weight capacity.

Each of the storage bags comes with 23.6 x 16.9 x 13.7 in / 60 x 43 x 35 cm dimension and 90L of capacity. That means you can easily store pillows, jackets, comforters, and similar things. It is also good to store daily clothing.

  • 3-ply composite fabric for durability
  • Sturdy zipper to keep the clothes secured
  • Ideal as a bedroom dresser
  • Suitable use with or without closet
  • Heavyweight capacity
  • Very basic design
  • Comparatively higher price

#4. Roundhill Furniture Moniya White Wood Vanity Table and Stool Set


When you are going for an outdoor event, at the last moment, you may want to give a makeover yourself. This modern dresser from Roundhill Furniture will make it easier. You will get a beautiful chair, table, and a mirror.

This DIY mirrored dresser easily fits into a bedroom. The compact and minimal design will save space in the room. The white tone finishing of the vanity table is classy and it will bring a unique vibrant to the room.

The set has three different drawers where you can store your essential small makeover essentials. The mirror is attached to an oval wooden frame which is adjustable.

Once you receive the product, it just requires some small assembling. Set the mirror position according to your need and make yourself comfortable to have a perfect makeover.

  • Three drawers to store things
  • Comfortable stool to sit
  • Durable mirror frame with adjustable setting
  • Compact and fits to anywhere
  • Assembling instructions come with the product
  • Doesn’t have much storage area

#5. Casaottima Dresser with 4 drawers, Fabric storage Tower


Don’t have much budget to purchase storage furniture? No issues! You can have an amazing fabric storage tower from Casaottima within a minimal budget. It can provide the same storage area as a wooden one.

Unlike some cheap products, this one comes with smooth finishing and durable construction. The storage dresser comes with 4 drawers and they are attached with a strong steel frame. This keeps the whole thing stable.

It is a self-standing dresser and has enough weight capacity. The dimension of each drawer is 15.9″ L x 11″ W x 8″ H. This ample area allows the user to store t-shirts, jeans, or any other clothes that he/she wants.

The dresser features a sleek design that blends to your bedroom’s decoration. Just place it against the wall for more stability.

  • Wooden handles to drawers for easy access
  • Simple design that suits for any home décor
  • Hassle-free assemble without additional tools
  • Lightweight dresser with huge capacity
  • Durable frame for stability
  • Not ideal for things like pillows or blankets

Final Verdict

Now you have the list of best cheap dresser sets with all essential features. We have kept variation in products so that the list can meet anyone’s expectations. Place and order for the right dresser that has the facilities you want. We suggest ordering only from the original vendor to avoid further hassle.


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